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School Development Plan


2019 - 2020

To ensure that we are 'bringing out the best in everyone', we strive to evaluate and improve our provision. We evaluate in many ways including in-school monitoring, close links with the Black Pear Trust and regular Parent and Pupil voice activities. This ensures that we listen to all of our stakeholders and act on feedback swiftly.  Following our most recent  period of self-evaluation, we have identified the following as our school priority for this year:


Through closely matched learning and effective feedback, children develop a love of learning and will make excellent progress across the curriculum, preparing them to be successful in the modern world.


We will ensure that we reach this priority by focusing on the following:



1.1 The Quality of teaching and learning will be good across the school.

1.2 Standards at the end of Year 1 (Phonics), Year 2 and Year 6 are in line with national or above.

1.3 Teachers have a strong pedagogical understanding and subject knowledge of the whole curriculum. This leads to well-matched        learning.

1.4 All children, including vulnerable learners, make good progress from their starting points.

1.5 The provision of SEND across the school is good; practice is well-developed and as a result, SEND learners make good progress.

1.6 Teaching assistants are effective in supporting the learning of all children in their class.

1.7 A greater proportion of children can reach Greater Depth standard within writing at KS1 and KS2.



2.1 To further develop understanding of the importance of mental and physical well-being.

2.2 Effective teaching of PSHE across the school enables pupils to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to keep themselves healthy and safe as they prepare for life and work in modern Britain.

2.3 Maintain a high standards of safeguarding, ensuring all children are protected from harm through a curriculum rooted in keeping safe.

2.4 To develop and deepen Pupils' understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance.



3.1 Through timely and accurate assessments, teachers plan effectively for the next steps in learning. These are communicated to all adults involved with the child.

3.2 Teaching is consistently good across the EYFS; the provision provides opportunities for all learners to be challenged, learning independently and with others.

3.3 Adults' interactions are purposeful enabling children to make progress withing a learning session.

3.4 A language rich learning environment is established; purposeful writing opportunities are planned for and engage all learners.

3.5 The teaching of Maths, with a focus on counting is rigorous and highly effective.

3.6 The teaching of Phonics is well matched to the needs of all learners; children make good progress and reach age related expectations.



4.1 Staff can describe the intent and impact of the whole school curriculum and can implement the curriculum effectively.

4.2 Teachers have secure subject knowledge, leading to effective teaching and assessment.

4.3 Subject Leaders have a good understanding of the quality of teaching and learning across the school and can identify key actions for their subject leading to a positive impact on all learners.



5.1 Positive relationships between leaders, staff, pupils and the wider school community support the progress of all pupils across the school.

5.2 All leaders set and maintain high expectations of pupils and staff.

5.3 Leaders secure accurate and rigorous monitoring of teaching and outcomes in order to rapidly improve standards.

5.4 Governors stringently hold leaders to account, ensuring that the skillful deployment of staff and resources delivers good and improving outcomes for pupils.

Quality First Inclusive Teaching is central to all pupils making good progress and outcomes. The expectation is for consistently good teaching across the school