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Maths at Grove Primary School



Our Rationale 2020/21


At Grove Primary School and Nursery we are mathematicians!

We want our pupils to love mathematics. We want them to have no limits to what their ambitions are and grow up wanting to be architects, engineers, accountants or bankers! We want them to embody our core values and be logical.

We want to develop life skills.


We all believe that we can: “Bring Out the Best in Everyone”.


The mathematics curriculum has been carefully crafted so that our children develop their mathematical fluency and problem solving skills. We want our children to remember their maths lessons in our school, to cherish these memories and embrace the opportunities they are presented with!



During their time at Grove Primary School, your child will gain a greater understanding and confidence in mathematics. We provide opportunity for your child to develop their mathematical fluency, reasoning skills and the ability to problem-solve.  At Grove Primary School our intent for mathematics is to teach a rich, balanced and progressive curriculum using Maths to reason, problem solve and develop fluent conceptual understanding in each area. Teachers and governors are kept regularly informed of developments in our frequently reviewed curriculum. Teachers are supported and aided in their roles ensuring confidence in the skills and facts they are required to teach. Lessons are child focused and maths is kept fun and current in school.


In Early Years, children establish the early principles of counting; they learn number names, can name them in order and demonstrate one to one correspondence. They begin to understand addition and subtraction and can find one more and one less.  In KS1, children will establish a secure foundation in number, counting, place value, addition and subtraction. Throughout KS2, they will develop their fluency with number including working with larger integers and decimal numbers. Children will be equipped with a range of mental and written strategies to allow them to be efficient and accurate when calculating. Children will explore the wider mathematics curriculum using well-considered reasoning to approach problems involving: geometry; fractions, decimals, percentages; statistics and ratio and proportion. Pupils will use concrete and visual resources and models to deepen their understanding of the abstract concepts involved in mathematics. As a result of well-considered reasoning, pupils will be able to independently justify- using appropriate vocabulary- the mathematical decisions they make.


Our curriculum allows children to better make sense of the world around them relating the pattern between mathematics and everyday life. We follow the National Curriculum 2014 and the mapping of Mathematics across school, in our calculation policy, shows clear progression in line with age related expectations. We believe it is crucial that all groups and abilities of learners feel success and demonstrate security in the skills they are practising and applying. We achieve this by delivering exciting and engaging daily maths sessions, that are appropriately modelled to give enough support whilst ensuring challenge.  We have developed a calculation policy that sets out the way children should solve all four calculations. Pupils are challenged and we believe in a child led approach whereby pupils can take ownership of their learning, choosing their own level of task whilst those who are identified as SEND or underachieving are supported completely, revisiting learning where needed.


" I love my Maths lessons.  It's not too hard and not too easy - it's just about right!" Aniela. Year 3

" I get to choose the equipment that will help me solve the problems." Shelby Year 4


Mathematics Long Term Plan

Times Tables

With the National Curriculum changes in 2014 and new statutory assessments being implemented in Year 4 2019, there are greater demands on children knowing and being secure in their multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12.

Every week, the children take part in Frog Club, where time is provided for the children to test their multiplication tables and division facts in a fun and engaging way through pledging their allegiance, singing the school song and by answering a range of questions in a five minute deadline. All classes celebrate their achievement and progress by hopping onto their next lily pad and receiving a sticker to celebrate success.

During the week, the children have regular time to practice, in a fun and engaging way through rapid questioning, singing songs and use of ICT in our computer suite and Ipads to increase not only accuracy of recall, but also speed.


Along with what we offer at school, we know that any reinforcement of skills at home, benefit the children greatly. Here are some links to a range of websites:

Year 1 Maths Working Wall.