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Celebrating Difference

In this theme the children will be thinking about how unique we all are and what is similar and different about everyone. We will compare  our likes and dislikes with each other and find out that there may be thing we have in common with more than just our friends. 


Here are some fun facts about animals that makes them unique! Did you know them?

Red "A Crayon's Story" (Stop Motion) written by Michael Hall

Red is a crayon who is different. He gets lots of help to try to be the Red crayon he is labelled as but it doesn't work. One crayon helps him realise who he is and that it's OK!

Red "A Crayon's Story"- A stop motion animation, created during a one day workshop by students in Mrs Perreault's 4th Grade class at Adrienne Clarkson Elementary School in Ottawa in March 2017. Students to create this video using a piece of software called "iStopMotion" to capture each shot one by one with an iPevo camera.