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Writing activity week 2


Write a story based around the image.

Who are your characters? What is your plot? What will the problem be? How will the story end?

Use the table as your success criteria.

Ideas: A day on vocabulary, a day on developing character, a character description, planning the story, writing over a number of days, editing and improving etc. We wouldn’t expect children to write the whole story in a day.



 Encourage children to edit and improve their work. Checking for spelling and punctuation mistakes and then making improvements. Children can also redraft sections of their story.

Writing activities are science based this week. They are set as 2dos on Purple Mash.


Task 1

Explore two circuits and describe how the bulb could be made to work. Identify key components in that circuit.


Task 2


Write an information text about how electricity is used in the home. Use your knowledge of mains and stored electricity