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Week 8 Beginning 1st June

Welcome to Week 8 Birch Class. 

Week beginning Monday 1st June.


Reading Challenges


We have set you some Reading Comprehension Challenges this Week in Purple Mash. 

Can you complete them by next Sunday 7th June?

There are five Chapters to read for and then some questions to answer:

  • Monday - Chapter 1; Percy the Poorly Pony
  • Tuesday - Chapter 2; Percy the Poorly Pony
  • Wednesday - Chapter 3; Percy the Poorly Pony
  • Thursday - Chapter 4; Percy the Poorly Pony
  • Friday - Chapter 5; Percy the Poorly Pony

Read them carefully so that you can answer the questions accurately.

If it is tricky we will ask you to redo it so that you can read the chapter again.


We have set some extra challenges this week. Read each sentence carefully, think about the chapter you read and choose the best word to complete the sentence.

Missing Words (for each of the chapters)

Joining words (for each of the chapters)


We look forward to marking your work.

Good Luck from Miss Newton-Smith and Ms Beazley 😁


Just 4 FUN!

These art activities are based on Percy the Poorly Pony.

Yarn Boming- create your own yarn boming scene with woolly textures.

Farm - put the sentence in the right order. Add some farm animals to the scene.

Pony Food- what type of food does your pony eat?

Pony- create your own pony with textured paints.

Country Fair Stall- use textured paints to draw what you would sell at your stall.