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Week 6: beginning 11th May

Welcome to Week 6 Sycamore Class.

Week beginning Monday 11th May. 


Writing Challenges 


We have set you some Writing Challenges linked to the reading comprehension this week in Purple Mash.


Monday – Think of someone you know, or someone famous, who you believe has a much easier life than you. Imagine you swap places with this person. Compare your life with theirs.


Tuesday – Imagine that you are Jay. Write a diary entry about your strange day. What worries or concerns do you have? How does it feel for people to be treating you as a grown up?


Wednesday – The chapter ends with Jay phoning Mr Jones to ask where he keeps his fire extinguisher. How might Mr Jones react to this request? Is Jay in trouble? Write the next part of the conversation.


Thursday – At the end of the chapter, Jay has regained control of the class and has managed to give Mr Jones a detention. Will the two characters to be able to swap back to their bodies? What problems might they have? Write the next part of the story.

Friday – Now that we have seen Mr Jones react in a range of situations, create a character profile about him. Remember to use evidence from the story to support your opinions.


We look forward to marking your work,

Good luck from Miss Newton-Smith and Mrs McDonaghsmiley