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Week 5 Beginning 4th May

Welcome to Week 5 Birch Class. 

Week beginning Monday 4th May.


Reading Challenges


We have set you some Reading Comprehension Challenges this Week in Purple Mash. 

Can you complete them by next Friday 8th May?

There are five Chapters to read for and then some questions to answer:

  • Monday - Chapter 1; Sam and the Wet Day
  • Tuesday - Chapter 2; Sam and the Wet Day
  • Wednesday - Chapter 3; Sam and the Wet Day
  • Thursday - Chapter 4; Sam and the Wet Day
  • Friday - Chapter 5; Sam and the Wet Day

Read them carefully so that you can answer the questions accurately.

If it is tricky we will ask you to redo it so that you can read the chapter again.


We look forward to marking your work.

Good Luck from Miss Newton-Smith and Ms Beazley 😁


Writing Challenge


We have set you a 2do writing challenge using your publishing skills.


Writing Challenge
Write a story about a super hero. Think about the characters and the setting of your story and describe them. Explain what happened to need a super hero and how your hero saved the day. Remember to click on the white boxes on the left of the screen to give you ideas.

Success Criteria:
Non negotiables: full stops and capital letters

I can use past tense.
I can use fronted adverbials (eg After that, Suddenly, At that moment, Eventually).
I can use expanded noun phrases to describe.


Good luck and get writing.