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Week 1 & 2

Learning Tasks:


Go to home learning. Underneath each video it says, 

“Today’s tasks, Year 3 & 4.” Click on the blue box and you will find some questions to answer based on the teaching video.


There will be a new video and new tasks everyday.


Good Luck and enjoy your Maths

Miss N-S

An Introduction to Home Lessons by I See Maths

For the duration of the upcoming school closures, Gareth Metcalfe from I See Maths will challenge and inspire primary mathematicians of all ages. Here's an e...

3 Consecutive Numbers, Year 3 & Y4

The 3 Consecutive Numbers Challenge, Y3 & Y4. Be challenged, explore and enjoy!

Three Numbers Challenge, Y3 & Y4

Find all the possible answers on the Three Numbers Challenge. A great way to develop systematic mathematical thinking for children in Y3 and Y4!

Spot the Difference, Y3 & Y4

An exploration of subtraction as difference to build the calculation fluency of children in Y3 and Y4.

Boys, Girls, Children, Y3 & Y4

Use equipment and bar models to unpick sum and difference questions. A great way to build mathematical understanding for Y3 and Y4 children!

Different Stories, Y3 & Y4

Here we look at a range of different word questions that involve calculating the sum and the difference between two numbers. Lots of great opportunities for ...

Shape Puzzles Part 1, Y3 & Y4

Exploring addition and subtraction through shape puzzles. Some great reasoning and an introduction to algebraic thinking for children in Y3 and Y4!

Shape Puzzles Part 2, Y3 & Y4

Here, shape puzzles are used to develop children's reasoning and problem-solving. Algebra for children in Y3 and Y4!

Shapes and Stories, Y3 & Y4

This video helps children to see the link between our shape puzzles and different worded questions. This will really help children in Y3 and Y4 with their pr...

Comparing Prices, Y3 & Y4

In this video we show the links between different problem-solving tasks, helping children in Y3 and Y4 to understand a range of questions involving money. Id...

Strawberries and Spotty Ties, Y3 & Y4

In this video we explore a range of the amazing maths questions that have been sent in. Some great opportunities for problem-solving for Y3 and Y4 mathematic...