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Topic - History

Trip to Morgan Motors

Local History Study:

In our topic lessons, we are going to conduct a local history study. We are going to a conduct a study over time tracing how several aspects of national history are reflected in the locality, with a particular focus on key parts of Malvern.


Key historical events:

We will also look at three key historical events:

  • Guy Fawkes
  • Remembrance 
  • Black History Month, with a focus on a key historical figure.

Edward Elgar:

As part of our local history topic, we have started to explore the life of the composer, Edward Elgar. The children have composed a series of questions that they would like to investigate about Elgar including:

  • Where did he live?
  • When did he start composing music?
  • What was his favourite composition?
  • Did he play any instruments?
  • Did he have other interests, aside from music?
  • What was his family life like?


We are going to complete a study to using primary and secondary sources to see if we can identify the answers to these questions. 


The children have also been exposed to a range of Edward Elgar's compositions, including the Enigma Variations and The Dream of Geronitus.