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Topic - History

History in Year 6

In History, we have looked at significant historical events that have shaped the UK (Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot) as well as looked at local history in Malvern and how events in time have impacted our local area. The children will gain authentic experiences from being out in our local area, will use a range of sources to make inferences and find out facts from the past, and will look into the lives of people that lived in our local community.

Guy Fawkes


We started our history topic by looking at the gunpowder plot and identifying all people that took part in this event, not just Guy Fawkes. We then had a debate as a class as to why Guy Fawkes is remembered more than the other people involved, before creating newspaper articles to describe what happened.

Great Malvern Priory


The rest of our topic revolved around the priory building in Malvern. The children were invited to participate in the armistice day service along with members from the community and they listened wonderfully to the speakers and paid their respects to those that gave their lives in the war. We were honored that two of our children were asked to plant poppies into a tray with other members of the public, services and agencies from the local area.


Whilst at the priory, we had a tour from Reverend Rod Corke who gave us a very interesting and detailed talk about the history of the building and how the monks lived in the priory up until the dissolution of the monasteries, by King Henry VIII, in 1536.


We took the information from this tour and delved deeper into the history of the priory to understand the historical events further and to see the impact this had on our local area. We looked at the chronology of the priory and identified key dates in the buildings history. We put ourselves into the shoes of the monks who lived in the priory and created adverts to bring monks to the priory. We then looked at a historical source to make inferences on the dissolution of the monastery, and then finished the topic by looking at the priory in recent times.