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Ancient Greece

This term, we turn our focus to Ancient Greece. In the national curriculum, it states that children should learn and conduct a study of Greek life and achievements and their influence on the western world.


Throughout this unit, we will explore:

  • When was Ancient Greece?
  • Where is Greece and how did it affect the Greeks?
  • What impacted on the lives of the Ancient Greeks?
  • What is the impact on the western and modern world?
  • Enquiry based lessons.


We will also explore Greek architecture and Greek Gods.

Athens vs Sparta

This week, we have explored the two most well-known city states in Ancient Greece: Athens and Sparta. We were surprised to find out how different the lives were for boys and girls in these areas.


Firstly, we found out that both Athens and Sparta were first ruled by Kings. Then both were ruled by small groups of powerful people (oligarchies). Later Athens came to be ruled by the people as a democracy whilst Sparta remained an oligarchy.


As Athens became a democracy, it did not have a king, it was ruled by the people as a democracy. The people of Athens believed that no one group of people should make the laws and so citizens could choose the government officials, and vote for or against new laws. The people of Athens chose their ruler.


We were also shocked to find out that girls were not allowed to go to school! In Sparta, they were allowed to but only to train so they would be fit and healthy to have a baby.


We have created balanced arguments to decide whether we would prefer to live in Athens or Sparta (in some cases, the children wanted to live in neither!)