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The Romans

This half term the children will learn about the Romans and the impact their invasion had on Britain. They will consider how we can learn a great deal about the past and the lives of people from historical artefacts and why they are therefore of great significance for archaeologists. They will compare the different experiences of people at this time depending upon their position and wealth. The topic will involve both geographical and historical skills. Our topic starts by looking at Roman landmarks and locating Rome using an atlas. Children will learn about the organisation of the Roman army and why they were so powerful. Children will also look at the typical armour of a Roman soldier and they will have the opportunity to design and make a Roman shield.

The children had great fun assembling jigsaws of a very famous Roman building. They were not given a picture and had to work it out. They loved the challenge of this and went on to learn lots of facts about the Colosseum.

Jigsaw assembling