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Story Time

Story Time 4 - Superworm by Julia Donaldson 

Here is a new story for you! Superworm by Julia Donaldson. We have only just started reading this story, we love Julia’s rhyming stories at home so wanted to share this one with you about a super mini beast who likes to help. 


After listening to the story here are some activities you can do;
* Make a mini beast alphabet - find insects/mini beasts that being with the letters of the alphabet for example ‘a’ is for ant. You might have to ask a grown up to help you investigate some mini beast names using books or the internet. 
* Design a superhero! What do you think would be a great super power? What would you do if you were a super strong hero? 
* Can you find out some super facts about worms? Where do they live? What do they eat? Maybe you could try finding a worm in your garden to draw and label! 

Superworm by Julia Donaldson

Story Time 3 - 'More ketchup please' - Adam Bestwick

Here is a new story for you to listen to - another favourite in our ours - 'More ketchup please'.
I wonder how many of you like ketchup on your food?
Here are some activities that you could do after you’ve heard the story.

* Can you design a new sauce that Ruby might like to eat? What is it made of? How does it taste? What would the bottle look like?
* How many bottles of sauce do you have in your house? Can you group them in different ways e.g. by size or shape? Can you measure their height and find out which is the tallest bottle of sauce in your home?
* Can you write the 7 days of the week? You could order them and then keep track using a special marker like a arrow or toy.

Story Time 2 - The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson


After reading the story maybe you could...

* Make a wanted poster for the Gruffalo. Can you draw a picture and describe him underneath?

* Draw a story map of the mouse's journey through the deep dark wood. Who does he meet? Where does he meet them? 

* I wonder what Gruffalo Crumble is like? Can you imagine and make a recipe for this yummy or maybe disgusting dessert? 


It would be great to see some of your work. If you're able to you could email it to the school office email to be passed on or upload to tapestry for me to see! 




The Gruffalo by Julia Donaldson

Story Time with Mrs Bilke - Room on a Broom

Here's story number 1 - Room on a Broom.
Hoping a familiar face will help in the next few weeks. I will record stories as and when I can and upload them to this channel with suggestions of things you can do here and via Tapestry or school website.

After hearing the story here are some ideas to further develop...
* Can you design a broom for you and your family? What kinds of things would they like on the broomstick?
* Can you find other words to rhyme with dog, frog, cat or bird? They can be real words or nonsense e.g. dog, log, hog, nog, vog....
* Can you imagine another animal that the witch might meet if she dropped her cloak?

Have fun and don't forget to send us your learning via tapestry!