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Science Week - Walking Water!!!


We are learning to be inquisitive.


What would happen if we put some water from cup 1 and cup 2 into cup 3?

How can you have water in the third cup without tipping or pouring it into the cup? 


Can we use a straw? Can we use a spoon? Can we use a sponge?


How? Why? 


The children asked and answered lots of scientific questions about their experiment. 


The children used kitchen roll. They then used their senses to observe closely what happened during the morning.

It was so exciting to see what had happened when the children returned to the classroom after play.


"Look - there is water in the middle cup." 

"I can't believe it, the kitchen roll has changed colour."

"Yes blue and yellow makes green."

"I wonder why they have more water in their middle cup than us."