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Living things and their habitats

In this unit, we will:

  • describe how living things are classified into broad groups according to common observable characteristics and based on similarities and differences, including microorganisms, plants and animals;
  • give reasons for classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics.

Science Experiment

This week, we have had a look at bacteria. We know at the moment that we are being super vigilant with our hand washing and hand sanitising, so we were intrigued to find out how much bacteria was on the objects that we interact with on a daily basis. We swabbed things such as a pen, the light switch, the bin and the door handle. Unsurprisingly, after a week, we found that the bin had grown the most bacteria (it was disgusting - colonies of bacteria grew on each section of jelly). We have decided to carry out this experiment again and change the areas we test and the places we put our samples to grow to see if this has an impact on how much bacteria grows.