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Sapling - Nursery – Miss Young

Welcome to Sapling and Seedlings!

We have lots of fun at nursery and love going outdoors to explore! We also love storybooks, messy play and baking. Look at all of the fun things that we have been up to!

Getting ready for big school!

For some of us our time in nursery is coming to an end and so we are preparing for the next part of our journey- starting school. We are very excited and we have started to spend some time in our new classes. We have been continuing to work hard on name writing and recognition, pencil grips and early counting, as well as developing a 'have a go' attitude to challenges, ready for Reception.

Picnic and paddling!

We have been making the most of the summer sunshine and last week we had a picnic in our outdoor area! We chatted and ate our sandwiches and then we spent the afternoon splashing in the paddling pool! We had such a lot of fun and really enjoyed one another's company. 

Little Owl Farm Park

Thank you to all of those who came along to Little Owl Farm Park. The children had a fantastic day and have talked non-stop about the trip ever since! Their favourite parts of the day were:

  • "Bouncing on the bouncy pillows"
  • "Going on the big tractor"
  • "Holding a rabbit- it was cute!"
  • "Having a picnic!"

The children learnt lots of animals names and sounds and made some lovely memories from the trip. 



Shape walk

This week, we have been paying extra attention to shapes in the environment. We went on a shape walk around the school grounds. We looked for things that were shaped like circles, triangles, rectangles, squares and ovals. We were very observant and spotted more shapes than our teachers! We spotted various shapes in the hall, on the playground and in our outdoor area. Please help us to look for shapes in the environment on our way to nursery!

Mud pit

Before the Easter holidays we helped to dig a new mud pit at Forest School and now we love digging, splashing and playing in it. At first the ground was very dry and we had to think about how we could make it more muddy. We worked out that with a bucket and the outside tap, we could get really muddy!


Easter fun!

We celebrated Easter with lots of different activities. We made daffodils and cards, we cooked some yummy Easter cakes and we made some Easter baskets. We really enjoyed our Easter egg hunt with our grown ups and Willow Class. Miss Young also shared some Easter stories with us and we recited some of our favourites. 

Pyjama day!

It was great coming to nursery in our pyjamas! We had blankets and cushions on our carpet and we snuggled up with books all morning! We loved joining in with some of the phrases in Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs!

A big thank you!

Thank you to all of those who attended our tea party to celebrate the opening of our new seedlings room. We had a great afternoon with lots of play, chat and cake!

Exploring paint

We love to paint in Seedlings and Saplings! Here we are getting really messy with our hands and our feet!

Getting very muddy!

We loves out muddy puddle walk this week! Some of us pretended to swim in it! We enjoyed helping each other in and out of the mud and seeing how much of a splash we could make. When we got back to Nursery we all had to get ourselves washed and changed. We were VERY messy! 

World book day 2019

Look at our fantastic costumes! We loved listening to lots of stories and talking about our characters. 

Our new room

We were very excited to open our new room this week! The Seedlings room is now open for children ages 2-3 during the afternoons.


Pancake Day

After reading 'Mr Wolf's Pancakes' we were really interested in how to make pancakes and after our grown ups saw us pretending to make pancakes with the playdough cooker, they bought us some ingredients. We followed the instructions from the story and all had a go at flipping our pancakes. We were super at flipping!


We had a very exciting trip to Forest School this week where we found frogs in the pond. We talked about the lifecycle of a frog after some children asked "What is that jelly stuff?" and we had a go at catching a frog with a net. We also talked about how to stay safe by water.


Valentines Day

We celebrated valentines day by reading Guess How Much I love You and we talked about the people in our lives who are special to us. Miss Young asked us what we would like to make for the people that we love and we decided on a heart shaped cake. We had so much fun making it!

 We found a cake recipe in our cookbook from the role play area and followed the instructions

We all had a go at mixing, sieving and pouring. We were great at taking turns.

We stirred in some chocolate chips and put our mixture in the cake tin.

We took our cake to the oven and visited the library whilst it was cooking. 

Our cake still wasn't cooked so we spent some time at the Cheeky Monkeys play area!

We decorated the cake with icing and pink sparkles!

Look at our delicious cake!


We have been reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

We read the story lots of times and now we join in with familiar phrases. We love the parts where we can count the fruit!

We sorted some of the food that the caterpillar ate into healthy and not healthy. Then we made some healthy caterpillars and healthy fruit smoothies. Yummy! 


Concept cat taught us about the word 'same'. We noticed that the butterfly's wings were the same on both sides. We painted some butterflies and folded them to make them the same on both sides.

We love books!

Here are some of our favourite stories, displayed in our classroom.

We love looking at the pictures in books, making up our own stories and listening to stories read by our grown ups.


Being independent

Our grown ups are helping us to get ready for school by encouraging us to be independent. We have been working hard to put our coats on by ourselves and some of us can even zip them up too! Look how amazing we are!

Exploring colour

We have been exploring colours in Nursery. We have played lots of games to help us to name all of the colours and have experimented with mixing colours too. 


Happy New Year!

Below is our curriculum overview for the Spring term. We are excited for a few changes that are taking place in Nursery this term!


The children in nursery love Christmas! Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed...


  • Performing as stars in our Christmas play. We really were superstars!

















  • Going on a frosty walk



  • Making some lovely Christmas cards and decorations for our families



  • Decorating biscuits



  • Sharing a Christmas story everyday from our book advent calendar



  • Playing Christmas games to promote turn taking






Forest School

We have recently started Forest School and love our sessions outside! We love exploring and getting muddy but the best part of our sessions is definetely snack time around the log circle with hot chocolate!


We have been celebrating Diwali in Nursery. We practised Bollywood dancing, making patterns with shapes and in rice and following Rama and Sita's trail with sequins. 

Rememberance day

Saplings spent some time learning about poppies and why people wear them. They enjoyed watching a video about a bunny rabbit in the war. Lilly said that we wear poppies to remember "people who help us". The children made lots of poppies at the creative table. 



We're Going on a Bear Hunt!


This week we are reading We're going on a Bear Hunt. We have enjoyed learning phrases from the story and going on our own bear hunt around the school grounds. 

We love books!

We love reading stories in nursery! We have lots of books in nursery and our teacher sometimes takes us to the school library. 



We love the new school playground!

Look how much fun we had being outdoors this week, exploring the Autumn leaves! 

Word of the week...

This week we have been learning about the word 'big'. We have found lots of things at Nursery that are 'big' and 'not big'. Our grown ups even challenged some of us to find some things that were tall! Can you find some 'big' things at home?

Look at our hand prints! Our teachers hand prints are 'big'!

International Language Day

We had a fantastic day in Nursery celebrating International Language Day. We welcomed each other by saying czesc (Hello in Polish) and then we made some delicious Polish cakes. We did lots of turn taking and talked about how the mixture was changing, but the best part was definitely tasting them! We ended the day with some Polish folk dancing. What a busy day!