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What would Jesus do?

This investigation enables pupils to learn in depth from Christianity, considering in a detailed way some teachings of Jesus and the ways they are applied today. Pupils will consider examples of what Jesus said, and how Christians today respond to the challenges of his teachings.


Throughout this unit, we will explore:

  • Work out what mattered to Jesus from 10 things he said? What was his ‘mission statement’?
  • What is the importance of the value of love? How did Jesus teach his followers to love?
  • What do Jesus’ parables about forgiveness teach to Christians today?
  • How do Christians today try to follow Jesus’ teaching about justice and fairness? The example of Mother Teresa.
  • What did Jesus teach about being generous and being greedy?
  • What does the teaching of Jesus have to say about some problems people face today? What would Jesus do?
  • What have we learned about living by the values of Jesus in the modern world?