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PSHE - Jigsaw

Hi - I'm Jigsaw Jaz

Dreams and Goals


We read the story 'Salt in His Shoes' all about Michael Jordan.


This is a true story about basketball giant Michael Jordan, written by his mother and sister. As a boy, Michael wants to be a better basketball player and thinks the key lies in being taller. He initially follows his mother’s advice to put salt in his shoes to make him grow, but when that doesn’t work, he listens to his father, who says “Practice, determination, and giving your best” are the keys to being “a real winner.”


We can all have dreams, but they are not always easy to achieve, and we must persevere in order to achieve them.

Some of our dreams and goals

Connect Us


We played ‘I sit in the garden’. After making a circle, we made sure there was an empty chair by someone in the circle. The person with the chair on their right moves into the empty chair saying, ‘I sit in my garden. There is an empty chair on my right and I would like ... Jaz to play with me tonight'. That person then moves to sit next to them. This then frees up another empty chair somewhere else in the circle and the process begins again until all children have moved chairs at least once during the game.

I Sit in My Garden