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Pine - Yr 3 / 4 - Mrs Davies & Mrs Ratcliffe

Welcome to Pine!

Teaching Team

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday - Mrs Davies

Thursday, Friday - Mrs Ratcliffe

The class will also be supported by Mrs Tizard and Mrs Bridges.



Welcome to Spring 1

Spring 1 Curriculum Newsletter


For the first 2 weeks back in January, we will be focusing on 'The Keeper of the Keys' picture as our stimulus for English. 



In the third week of term we will begin a new book, based on the Vikings, called "Arthur and the Golden Rope". This book is full of Viking adventures, myth and mystery. 

We will then move onto reading Erik the Viking as our English text. Please see the Curriculum Newsletter for more information. 


Terry Jones reads Wolf Mountain from 'Erik the Viking'

Terry Jones reads aloud Wolf Mountain, an excerpt from his fantastic book 'Erik the Viking'.


Negative Numbers 


Week Beginning 27th February: We are learning about negative numbers in Maths. Please explore negative numbers with your child, maybe track the temperature overnight, or in other countries. You could even talk about the temperature of your freezer. 

Four Times Table Song (Blurred Lines Cover)

Lets get 'down' when learning our x4 tables!!!

Three Times Table Song (Cover of Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars)

Learn your x3 tables to this fun song!

6 Times Table Song (Cover of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift!)

2 Times Table Song (Cover of Can't Stop The Feeling! By Justin Timberlake)

Week beginning 6.1.2020 we are focusing on the x2 tables. PLEASE practice with your child at home. Thanks

Learning to measure length


Week beginning 6th January 


We have been learning to measure accurately. We have learnt to use rulers, tape measures and meter sticks to measure in M's, CM's and MM's. 

We applied this when we made our Viking Longboats. 


This term we are going to SMASH our times tables ready for our Year 4 times tables test!

Each week we are going to focus on a particular times out for the links below! 

Learning Journey 

We have made our Viking Longboats!


Sequence of learning

  • We learnt about where the Vikings came from and how they arrived.
  • We researched Longboats and read about them with a partner.
  • We used this research to plan our own Longboat.
  • We drew detailed plans
  • We used out Maths lessons on length to help up measure our cardboard.
  • We used scissors to accurately cut our parts.


Come in and have a look!!! 


Everything else smiley

Pine Class Assembly! 

Please join us to watch our AMAZING class assembly on the 4th February 9am! 


Max bought a model of the Titanic into show us. His Grandad made it for him and Max has spent lots of times reading his book to learn about what happened. We also learnt a lot today about a subject we didn't know anything about before! So thank you Max! 



"So I am really proud that you have bought this in as I have never seen anything so amazing, I have learn that the Titanic was one of the heaviest ship in the world and it sank to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean". - Riley. 

Lucas went for a walk at the weekend and found a SHEEP SKULL! He was so interested in it he bought it in to share with us. We researched skulls to find out what animal it belonged to. 



"When I saw that Lucas had bought a skull into school, I was very interested, I wanted to find out more about it". - Annabelle


MMMM! Marty showed off his amazing baking ability and shared his latest cakes with us! 




"Its delicious and tastes like a brownie." - Tulisha and Alyssa. 

Max has made a Viking Longboat at home after researching them himself. Wow Max you told us so much about how you made it! 


"I am really proud of him and happy that he didn't give up!" - Lucas

Welcome to Autumn 2 



Christmas Carols at The Springs

We have been learning to show kindness towards others and to work together to achieve a goal.

Pine Class went to sing Christmas carols at The Springs Care Home on the 10th December 2019. Mrs Davies, Mrs Tizzard and Mrs Bridges were so proud of them for how much effort they put in and how respectful they were. 

Another amazing achievement Pine! Well Done!



Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 2

Curriculum Newsletter Autumn 1

Useful Information

PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon and the children are expected to have their PE kits in school.

Forest School is on a Wednesday afternoon and the children will need a change of clothes, waterproof coat and wellies.

Computing - the children will be using active learn and purple mash in some of their lessons.  Both of these can be accessed out of school (at home or in the library etc).  Practising Maths games and exploring some of the activities in Purple Mash will help their learning. The children will soon bring home their login details although these are the same as last year.

Autumn Term 


This term we will start by reading Stone Age Boy. 


Stone Age Boy read aloud

Please watch this and talk about the book with your child. It will help with the Learning Log task week beginning 25/11/19.

Parliament Week

 In English we celebrated Parliament Week. We wrote manifestos and speeches resulting in a democratic vote for our class Prime Ministers and Deputies. 


Let me introduce our new class Prime Ministers and Deputy Prime Ministers. Well done to everyone who shared their speech!  




Grid Method Multiplication

We are using the Grid Method in Maths to solve 1 digit X by 2 digit calculations. Watch this video to see how (stop at 1.05 minutes)

Multiplication Without Regrouping

Some of us have been learning to multiply 1 digit by 2 digit numbers using short multiplication without regrouping (which means without carrying). Watch this clip to see how we teach it.

Place Value 


In Maths this week we are learning about Place Value. This is where we explore the value of each digit in a number. We have been using Base 10 equipment to help us. If you would like to know more ask Mrs Davies or Mrs Ratcliffe! 


Chocolate has even made it into our Maths lesson!  The children have voted for their favourite chocolate bar (lots of chocolate nibbling!) We created a results table and also used descriptive vocabulary to describe each chocolate.


Using our results we then created a bar chart.

Learning Journey

Which material would you build a Stone Age house out of, dry stone wall or sticks, mud and clay?

We predicted, then we built a wall using each material and tested how strong it was by throwing a ball at each wall. After this we wrote an evaluation of our investigation and drew our conclusion. 

And most importantly WE HAD FUN! 


We made Mod Roc caves and painted them realistically. We are going to paint Stone Age cave paintings inside as a finishing touch. Please come in and see you child's cave when it is finished. They are very proud of them! 

We took part in some historical enquiry today. We asked questions about our topic after half term, The Stone Age. Our challenge is to answer all these questions by the end of our topic. 

Making our own chocolate bar. 

The children have been busy designing and making their own chocolate bar. They had to taste test ingredients, create a design, write a recipe and then follow this recipe to make their chocolate bar. We then talked about what went well and what they would do differently next time. 


Stone Age Celebration 


To celebrate our learning this half term we made our parents some Stone Age Stew to share. The parents came in to sample our stew and share our pictures and learning from this half term. We had so many parents attend and it was such a lovely half an hour! Lets do it every half term! 



Learning Logs

We had some amazing models made to show the Water Cycle.  Well done.


Chocolate Mania

Chocolate Mania is our topic for Learning Journey and we have some exciting activities planned.

Macmillan Coffee morning - 27th September

A Chocolate museum full of information

Designing, making and eating our own chocolate bars!  Yummy!


Willy Wonka's Chocolate Room

These dioramas look absolutely scrumptious! So many lovely imaginative designs.




What a lot of fun we had on Roald Dahl Day! There were fabulous costumes and a lot of bubbles.  We based our art work on the fizzy lifting drink in Charlie and Chocolate Factory and made lots of bubbles.

Our amazing artworkArt

We carefully drew pictures of Cocoa Pods, we used art pencils and added shading for detail. 

MacMillan Coffee morning!


Wow, our MacMillan coffee morning was a resounding success! The children have been so proud of themselves for organising it and taking part. What an achievement!

MacMillan at The Springs Residential Home 


A group of children represented the school and sold cakes at The Springs Residential Home.

They were fantastic ambassadors for the school. We are so proud of them! 

Learning Logs


Wow! What incredible homework we have seen this week!  Check out the Chocolate factories that have been designed. 


Still image for this video
This week in Music we created and performed our own musical score. We used our body parts to create the music. It was a challenge to keep in time and make sure all the parts were played together. Watch out for next weeks performance, we are using percussion instruments!


Year 4 Dance Festival - We really enjoyed it!

Year 4 Dance Festival - We really enjoyed it! 1
Year 4 Dance Festival - We really enjoyed it! 2
Year 4 Dance Festival - We really enjoyed it! 3
Year 4 Dance Festival - We really enjoyed it! 4
Year 4 Dance Festival - We really enjoyed it! 5


This week in Gymnastics we learnt about leaping. We learnt the difference between a leap and a jump, practiced and then gave each other feedback. Next week we will be perfecting our leaping and learning about patch balancing. By the end of this half term we will be creating a sequence with all we have learnt. Keep checking this page for more updates! 


We have been thinking about how we can be kind to each other in Pine class. We read a book called "Have you filled a Bucket today?" This talks about being a bucket filler or a bucket dipper...we want to be bucket fillers in our class! Please watch the link below with your child and talk about how we can all be kinder people. 

Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Have You Filled a Bucket Today Read Aloud. Written by Carol McCloud. Illustrated by David Messing.

We learnt to respect and help each other today whilst working together to make a hand and foot print reindeer. We had to help each other paint our feet and hands, and of course help each other wash the paint off again afterwards. The children LOVED helping each other and feeling a sense of achievement. Also lots of us were very ticklish and lots of laughter ensued! 



Forest School 



Today in forest school we explored the site. We learnt to use a hand saw safely. We got up close to a  grass snake! We made dens and much much more. Please ask you child what they enjoyed in the forest today. 

Forest School Update 

We are learning to use a saw to saw wood safely. 

We are working as a team to develop our den. 


 We are learning to tie appropriate knots. 


We made different types of rock using Jellybeans!

First we made sedimentary rock, then we changed this into metamorphic rock using pressure and finally igneous rock using heat. We had so much fun carrying out this experiment. 


Is it a solid or a liquid?  Investigating the changes that occur with Jelly (and having lots of fun!)



What happens when we melt a yellow and a blue icecube?

 Super Pine Achievements 

We get up to so much outside of school. We are so proud of each other!

Riley bought in his certificate from Santa. Good News! Riley is on the Good List. What an achievement Riley, Mrs Davies and Mrs Ratcliffe agree, your behaviour is always exemplary. 


"I am so proud of Riley for being on the Good List" - Ben 


Max bought in a Woolly Mammoth he stitched and stuffed at home. He talked us through how he made it and inspired us all. 


"Wow this is really fantastic, it has inspired me to make one myself" - Chace 


WOW, Annabelle has achieved her Level 5 Ice Skating! 

Well done Annabelle! 


"I feel so happy that Annabelle has gone from Level 4 to level 5 and is really good at Ice Skating" - Riley