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Wow - Lighting up the Stars!

Annabelle has made a beautiful light for her room.  What a great project! 

Lockdown memory box or time capsule 


Why not collect things that remind you of your lockdown experience and create a memory box or time capsule. You could include things like...

- a newspaper clipping

- handprints of everyone in your family

- photos/paintings of what you did in lockdown


And many more ideas 

Let me know what you put in your box! 

New maths challenge 


If 354 is the answer what could the question be?


There are lots of possibilities so try out as many as you can. Remember division, multiplication, addition and subtraction. You could even include negative numbers in your calculations. 

Space launch


We're  glad to hear you celebrated the launch Max . Who else celebrated? 

Dinosaur fact file


Marley and Paisley love playing with dinosaurs. Can you create them a dinosaur fact file or non -chronological report about dinosaurs? 


- Title 

- Sub-headings

- Factual information from research

- Pictures with captions

- Labelled diagram


You can do it online, on computer or on paper and photograph . 



Max's fact file


Well done Max, my children loved looking at your fact file. It was so informative 

Assault course! 


We have been making assault courses in our garden to help us stay fit and healthy. Why don't you design, make and have a go at your own assault course? Or why not tell me or show me other ways in which you are staying fit and healthy at the moment!! 


Our VE Day celebration...


We put up homemade bunting and ate some cakes in our front yard. We played some war time songs and waved to the neighbours. Let me know how you celebrated on the Purple Mash blog, or email me! 

Max's celebration 

VE Day! Let's celebrate 


Looking ahead to next week, Friday 8th May, will be a bank holiday to commemorate VE Day and will mark the passing of 75 years since the Second World War ended on May 8th, 1945 in Europe. Britain had fought for six long years and suffered tremendously and this was a day much anticipated and celebrated. I expect many of you will be marking the occasion at home in different ways. We would love to hear what you get up to to remember this historical day so please share any photos or send us a message of how you spent your day. I've added a section to our class blog on Purple Mash or email us pictures!


There are many free resources available online which provide excellent information relating to VE day and can be downloaded should your child wish to be creative and would like to participate in such activities as colouring posters to display in your windows, creating bunting and researching war time recipes to make at home. Here are just a few:

With members of the public unable to attend VE Day 75 events, The Royal British Legion is playing a central role in the delivery of a range of remote activity, including:

  • live VE Day 75 livestream at 11.15 a.m.
  • National moments of Remembrance and thanksgiving, including a Two Minute Silence at 11 a.m.
  • UK-wide singalong to Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again at 9 p.m.
  • VE Day learning pack for children aged 7-14 years
  • An evening of memories and music in partnership with the BBC from 8 p.m. on BBC One

What have you been cooking? 


We cooked a lasagne yesterday. We made the sauce from scratch and Marley loved whizzing it up with the hand whisk! 

Show or tell me what you've been making!!! Or have a go at helping whoever is cooking for you today. 

Max's zombie gingerbread 


Wow Max, looks yucky and yummy at the same time! 


Rhys has been making...


Millionaire shortbread!!! Yum yum yum! 

The Very Hungry Caterpillar - Animation



So Paisley's favourite story is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Now my challenge to you is to create an animation version of the story for her. You could do this by...

- using 2Animate

- using IPad software

- making puppets and filming a show

Or your own wonderful ideas! ...


Send them to me when you've had a go and I know Paisley will love watching them! 

Max's animation


Well done Max, Paisley loved watching your animation on Purple Mash! She watched it lots of times! 



Rhys animation 


Wow, Paisley loved this Rhys and clapped at the end!!! 

Ryan's amazing animation!


Wow wow wow Ryan, amazing animation of the very hungry caterpillar.  Paisley was so happy to look the the pictures! 

Cakey maths -the best kind


 We made carrot cakes at my house today. Have a go at this maths challenge to increase the recipe...

Rhys and Ryan the star mathematicians 


Well done boys you worked this out really efficiently!! 


Perfect pets 


This is one of my dogs, his name is Rodney and he is 18 years old. He's a bit deaf now and sleeps a lot but he still likes playing ball down on the field. 


Tell me all about your pet and send me a picture or drawing if you can. If you haven't got a pet then tell me what pet you would love. 


Remember you can email me or put your replies on the pet blog on purple mash. 


Max's pets 


Max sent me a wonderful picture he drew of all his pets... but I can't upload it yet (I'm working on it!) 


Here we go...

The cat is called Jigsaw, she woke me up at 5 am in the morning LOL. The horse is called Goldie, and the guinea pig is called Fidget for a reason - he keeps trying to escape and he managed to do it once and lived under the shed! He also lives at my granny's house.




Ryan's pets 


Here is Ryan's description of his pets, enjoy...


My pets are called Timmy Bella Rocky and pumpkin


Timmy is a chinchilla cat he is 4 years old he can be up to mischief sometimes but he is cute.


Bella is a 16 year old tortoiseshell Bella goes out in the garden.



Rocky and pumpkin are guinea pigs that we got last year



Rhys' pets


Read on to find out all about Rhys' pets! 



I have a family cat fluffy and I have a rabbit Skippy. Fluffy is 6 and Skippy is 2. Fluffy is lazy and is a inside cat. Skippy is a house rabbit and lives with Fluffy they are friends. They use the same poo tray but they have one each that’s there’s . Skippy likes going outside when it’s sunny. 


She rand away for one week, and we made posters and went to vest and we thought she had gone to rabbit heaven. But she then came back through the kitchen door. Fluffy is naughty to and likes to go on Florence things. 


We also have a tiger, Me joking it was on wikepefia we had lots of animal in our living room. 



Chace's pets 


Here is what Chace had to say about his pets...


My cats are called Elora and Sweetie ( I named her 4 years ago ) Elora is black and very cute but sometimes she bites my hand so it tickles. My other cat 🐱 Sweetie is a tortoise shell and she is quite friendly she does not attack as much as Elora though sometimes she does attack if you have stepped on her tail. Sweetie is nearly 5 years old , Elora is 7 months old and we got her from the RSPCA. Elora likes to explore but sometimes she leaves our garden and we have to get her! We also have a guinea pig called George. George is nearly 6 and he is the 4th guinea pig we have ever had. 



Lego lego lego


We all love lego!!! Marley made this dragon today from his lego kit. What amazing lego creations can you make? Send me a photo or description by email and I'll post it online! Let your imaginations run wild!!! 


Ryan's Lego house 


Rhys' amazing story!!! 


Rhys carried out the writing task and look at his amazing results!!! He planned, talked about and wrote his story! What a lot of effort and a really good story ... I've posted it below...enjoy! 


Minibeast hunting 


Paisley and Marley have been hunting for minibeasts. They found a very hungry caterpillar on our allotment!!! What minibeasts can you find in your garden or around your home! Maybe you could classify them into what type of minibeast they are e.g. insect, aracnid etc.

Maybe choose your favourite and draw a detailed drawing of it. Or you could design and make a home for your favourite minibeast!

Let me know how you get on.




Mrs Davies x

Eggcellent growing 


Marley has been growing cress in his empty egg shells. Hopefully the cress will end up looking like the hair. Send me any pictures of what you are growing at home with an explanation of what it is of course! 

Did you know you can grow tomatoes from the seeds on the insides?! 


Wow Ryan, look at all those plants, tomatoes, corn, carrots and so much more. I think forget me nots are such a beautiful flower to grow. Well done Ryan!


 Mrs Davies is back 


Hello all, as you all know my daughter Paisley has been very unwell and was in hospital for 6 weeks. I'm delighted to tell you all that she is getting better and is at home now. Thank you again for the lovely get well card. 


I am going to start putting little challenges on this page each week and if you have a go at them please email pictures and I will upload them on here for everyone to share. Also, if you'd like to email me with what you have been up to so far in the lock down I'd love to read it! I am a great pen pal!! 


My email address can be found in a blog on Purple Mash! Log in and get emailing! 


Take care and stay safe! 

Mrs Davies xxx

Electrical circuits  


Wow Ryan, you have been busy experimenting with electrical circuits at home!!! Well done!! 

Ryan's support for our amazing NHS!!! Well done Ryan!!!!

A big thank you from Mrs Davies

Still image for this video
Hello Pine Class.
Thank you so much for my lovely card. I have put it next to Paisley. I miss seeing you all.
Stay healthy.
Love From Mrs Davies.

Get Epic - Please read the blog on purple mash about Get Epic


Purple Mash - I am really enjoying seeing all the work you are doing on purple mash.  Remember to save your work and then hand it in.  You can leave a comment too and I can read these when I mark your work.

Blog - As there are lots of comments on our blog, I think we will need to start a new one each week.  Tell me some of the fun activities you have been doing.


In addition to the subjects above, there are other resources that you can enjoy.


Purple Mash has lots of different subject areas.


You will need your username and password to be able to access these.


Oxford Owl have a lot of Maths and English activities too.