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Have a go at these Phonics Board games from 


Print and play together to practise reading CVC words using your Fred Talk. If you are unable to print them you could make your own game on a piece of paper and add your own words. Keep them simple or make them more tricky. Roll a dice and move along the board. Say the word you land on.

NB - if you don't have a dice you could make one using the attached cube net or put the numbers 1-6 on small pieces of paper, place in a pile and pick one to move each time.



Our friend and colleague at Pitmaston Primary School Mrs C has recorded some great phonics sessions for set 2 sounds on YouTube - 'Mrs C says'. Here is a link to one of these. She is updating these daily and they would be great for anyone in Willow class to have a go at. 

Mrs C Says "ay"

Watch Mrs C as she teaches you the "ay" sound.

Set 1 Speed Sounds

We have been revising Set 1 and Set 2 sounds of the RWI phonics programme. The RWI team are doing daily lessons online at 9.30am and 10am via their you tube channel. They are live for 24 hours until the next video is posted. Please follow the links and keep practising.

Join Ruth to practice reading Set 1 Speed Sounds!

Set 2 Speed Sounds

Join Rosie to practise reading Set 2 Speed Sounds!