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To make the most of our brand new orienteering set up, we will be doing the following lessons:

LESSON 1To build communication and trust whilst showing an awareness of safety.
LESSON 2To work as a team to solve problems, sharing ideas and collaborating with one another.
LESSON 3To develop tactical planning and problem solving.
LESSON 4To share ideas and work as a team to solve problems.
LESSON 5To develop navigational skills and map reading.
LESSON 6To be able to use a key to identify objects and locations.



Over a series of lessons, we will learn how to:


LESSON 1To develop passing and moving.
LESSON 2To be able to use the attacking principle of creating and using space.
LESSON 3To be able to change direction and lose a defender.
LESSON 4To be able to defend ball side and know when to go for interceptions.
LESSON 5To develop the shooting action.
LESSON 6To be able to change direction to get free from a defender and receive a pass.
To learn the positions of 5-a-side netball.