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Oak - Year 6 – Mr Morgan

Welcome to Oak Class!


The class teacher for Oak Class is Mr Morgan and the teaching assistants are Mrs. Cappelina and Miss Gwynne. 


Mrs Lee will be working closely with Year 6, teaching every Thursday morning. 


The topic for this term is ‘That's Entertainment’, which is a history topic. Children will be exploring the history of British entertainment since from the sixties to modern day and we will be looking at a host of different forms of entertainment, such as films, football, music, fashion, holidays and TV. We will be comparing and contrasting history to modern day and debating what we think is better. 


Our P.E day is Monday so please ensure your child has their P.E. kit with them on this day. A reminder that the P.E. kit should contain a white t-shirt, black shorts or jogging bottoms and trainers or pumps. We also have swimming at Malvern College on a Wednesday morning - please ensure swimming kits are brought in!


Should you have any queries or concerns throughout the year, please do not hesitate to contact us

Spring 2 Curriculum Overview


Oak Class loved their trip to London! The children were struck by just how busy London is and were in awe of the sights all around them! Lots of walking ensued, with sights around every corner. The real highlights were the cruise on the River Thames, the Lion King performance and the views from the London Eye (shame it was raining though!) Check out the photos below.


London 1
London 2
London 3
London 4
London 5
London 6
London 7
London 8
London 9
London 10
London 11
London 12
London 13
London 14
London 15
London 16
London 17
London 18
London 19
London 20
London 21
London 22
London 23
London 24
London 25
London 26
London 27
London 28
London 29
London 30
London 31
London 32
London 33
London 34
London 35
London 36
London 37
London 38
London 39
London 40
London 41
London 42
London 43
London 44
London 45
London 46
London 47
London 48
London 49
London 50
London 51
London 52
London 53
London 54
London 55
London 56
London 57
London 58
London 59
London 60
London 61
London 62
London 63
London 64
London 65
London 66
London 67
London 68
London 69
London 70
London 71
London 72
London 73
London 74
London 75
London 76
London 77
London 78
London 79
London 80
London 81
London 82
London 83
London 84
London 85
London 86
London 87
London 88
London 89
London 90
London 91
London 92
London 93
London 94
London 95
London 96
London 97
London 98
London 99
London 100
London 101
London 102
London 103
London 104
London 105
London 106
London 107
London 108
London 109
London 110
London 111
London 112
London 113
London 114
London 115
London 116
London 117
London 118
London 119
London 120
London 121
London 122
London 123
London 124
London 125
London 126
London 127
London 128
London 129
London 130
London 131
London 132
London 133
London 134
London 135
London 136
London 137
London 138
London 139
London 140
London 141
London 142

Rocky Monster Show

Rocky Monster Show 1

Our Class Book

Our Class Book 1

Worcestershire Wildlife


Worcestershire Wildlife came into school to talk to the class about the effects of litter on our local wildlife. The children role played as birds gathering food for their offspring, with a high proportion of their 'hunting' bringing back food that contained plastic and other harmful materials, they listened to the journey our rubbish goes on through the streams and rivers towards the sea and the negative impacts that this can have on wildlife. 


The children then moved on to a litter picking session with Fortis, where they went into our forest area and picked up any litter that they could find. 

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9

SATs Revision


We took our SATs revision outside today. The children were given the answers to a number of previous SATs questions and they needed to match the answers to the questions. The questions were hung around the playground and Forest School areas. Walking around, I could hear lots of great mathematical discussions about how to work calculations out and there was a lot of amazing teamwork on show!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10
Picture 11
Picture 12
Picture 13
Picture 14
Picture 15

Internet Safety Talk


The police came into school to talk to Year 5 & 6 about internet safety. They reminded the children about the age limits on certain games and social media avenues and that they are there for a reason - to protect young people from potentially inappropriate content. The police recapped how to behave when online and what to do if someone you don't know contacts you and what to do if an unknown pop-up appears. 

Picture 1

Oak Teamwork Skills

Young Voices


On Tuesday 22nd January, Oak Class travelled to the Genting Arena in Birmingham to take part in the largest school choir ever! They were part of a 6,501 strong choir that has been learning songs and dance moves since September! The children even managed to perform alongside the likes of Beau Dermott (Britain’s Got Talent contestant) and Tony Hadley (Spandau Ballet)! The children loved the experience and were a credit to the school and themselves. Well done Oak Class! Check out the songs and dance moves below, as well as the photos and videos from the evening!

WW1 Poetry

WW1 Poetry 1 Jess' Remembrance Poetry
WW1 Poetry 2 Liam's "These are the Trenches" Poem
WW1 Poetry 3 Zac's "These are the Trenches" Poem
WW1 Poetry 4 Syesha's "These are the Trenches" Poem
WW1 Poetry 5 Aaron's "These are the Trenches" Poem
WW1 Poetry 6 Callie's "These are the Trenches" Poem
WW1 Poetry 7 Owen's "These are the Trenches" Poem

Preparing for Blackout


As part of our Light and Shadow science topic, we have been testing the properties of different materials to see which would make the best blackout blinds.

We had to plan what we could keep the same and what would change so our tests were fair.


Which materials were opaque? If wood is opaque, why wasn't this chosen for the blackout blinds?






Spitfire Sketching

Class Assembly

Class Assembly 1
Class Assembly 2
Class Assembly 3
Class Assembly 4
Class Assembly 5
Class Assembly 6
Class Assembly 7
Class Assembly 8
Class Assembly 9
Class Assembly 10
Class Assembly 11
Class Assembly 12
Class Assembly 13
Class Assembly 14
Class Assembly 15

Winston Churchill Speeches


Oak Class have been looking at a range of Churchill's inspiration speeches during WW2. We had a go at reading and understanding the meaning of the speeches. The children then recreated the speeches by recording themselves on iMovie before adding pictures and music to create a video. Take a look at the link below to see the finished videos!