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This unit is about exploring our identity. Our identity is all the different things that make us who we are. Each one of us is completely unique with our own experiences, feelings, family background and dreams. Music is a brilliant way of exploring and expressing our identity. It gives us confidence, power and purpose. Our gender is also a really important part of our identity: this unit focuses on women. For different reasons, there have not been enough women working in the music industry. This is completely unjust and meant that lots of women weren’t given a fair chance. People all around the world have been working really hard to change this and we are starting to see the results. We’ve been working with four talented female musicians who are exploring their own musical and cultural identity. You will hear how they got to where they are and see how you could do the same. You can be part of the change. How exciting. We will invite you to try out some different ways of making your own music and to explore some of the most inspirational and influential women in music from the last one hundred years. Don’t worry if you have never created your own music before, just enjoy the experience and have fun.


This unit has three distinct areas that we will focus on:

1. Listen and Appraise - over the six steps/weeks you will listen to a selection of music from the four featured artists

● Anna Meredith - Something Helpful

● Shiva Feshareki - O and V-A-C Moscow

● Eska - Heroes & Villains and Shades Of Blue

● Afrodeutsche - And! and The Middle Middle

● Option to listen to artists from the Inspirational Women timeline

2. About the Artists - Inspirational Women in the Music Industry.

3. Create - in groups, the children will create their own music over the six steps/weeks.