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An Introduction to Home Lessons by I See Maths

For the duration of the upcoming school closures, Gareth Metcalfe from I See Maths will challenge and inspire primary mathematicians of all ages. Here's an e...

3 Consecutive Numbers, Year 3 & Y4

The 3 Consecutive Numbers Challenge, Y3 & Y4. Be challenged, explore and enjoy!

Learning Tasks:


Go to home learning. Underneath each video it says, 

“Today’s tasks, Year 3 & 4” Click on the blue box and you will find some questions to answer based on the teaching video.


There will be a new video and new tasks everyday.


Good Luck and enjoy your Maths

Miss N-S

Three Numbers Challenge, Y3 & Y4

Find all the possible answers on the Three Numbers Challenge. A great way to develop systematic mathematical thinking for children in Y3 and Y4!

Spot the Difference, Y3 & Y4

An exploration of subtraction as difference to build the calculation fluency of children in Y3 and Y4.

Boys, Girls, Children, Y3 & Y4

Use equipment and bar models to unpick sum and difference questions. A great way to build mathematical understanding for Y3 and Y4 children!

Different Stories, Y3 & Y4

Keep learning those multiplication tables!

Try these websites


Remember those fractions - discuss fractions when you are cutting a cake or a pizza

or try these games: -

If you need more:- Hamilton Trust have made home learning packs.   Download your weekly Maths pack.  There are lots of activities to complete. Note you might not want to print it all!