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Maths – Fractions and Place Value


This half term we are learning about fractions, percentages and decimals - as well as revising our knowledge on place value. Check back here for updates on what we have been learning about.

We've been using fraction walls to assist with equivalent fractions.

Testing your math skills at home


Miss Drew recommends that Beech children have a go at this game at home. It’s a great way of putting your math’s skills to the test!

The square number solution!


Today in our math’s lesson, we were investigating square numbers. We had been given a problem to solve. We needed to see if we could create a wheel of numbers where the adjoining numbers would always add together to equal a square number. We used systematic approaches of trial and error in our groups to see if this was possible with a set of digit cards. It was surprising how difficult it could be but we worked hard to persevere and see if we could find a solution!