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Smiles in Birch Class Maths

Place Value


Year 1.

The importance of early number and early understanding cannot be underestimated. With the learning of reception children being disrupted, due to COVID-19, we've decided to put a bit more time early in Year 1 on numbers to 10, particularly around place value and the introduction to the concept of parts and wholes.


Our small learning steps will be:

  • Sort, count and represent objects;

  • Count, read and write forwards and backwards 0 - 10;

  • Count one more and count one less.



Year 2.

It is important to spend time early on recapping numbers within 20 and 50 before moving onto numbers to 100.


Children are building on their existing knowledge of counting forwards and backwards by reintroducing the numbers 11 to 20.

Children find the numbers 11, 12, 13, and 15 difficult to understand because they cannot hear the single digit in the name like others, e.g. 16 sixteen, six ones and a ten.


To build on the skills learned in Year 1, children need to be able to count objects to one hundred in words and represent these numbers in numerals.


Our small learning steps will be:

  • Recap Year 1 Count and write numbers to 20 and 50;
  • Recap Year 1 Tens and ones;
  • Recap Year 1 Compare numbers within 50;
  • Start Year 2 Count objects to 100;
  • Read and write numbers in numerals and words;

  • Represent numbers to 100;

  • Tens and ones with a part whole model.