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Learning Journey

The Great Fire of London 1666

On September 2nd, 1666, a tiny spark in a bakery oven ignited the worst fire that London has ever seen. The Great Fire of London burned for four days, and the City had to be rebuilt from its ashes.

We are learning about Autumn...

We talked about the signs of Autumn all around us. We also looked at the trees and what happens to them during the Autumn time.

During our topic of 'Marvellous Malvern', we will be looking at our locality beyond the school gate, building on children’s knowledge and understanding of their school environment. Children will explore their local area using first hand observation to enhance their locational awareness along with developing essential map and fieldwork skills. 


Learning Objectives 

  • To identify and describe the main human and physical features of your local area. 
  • To explore changes in the geography of your local area. 


We will be:

  • Mapping From Memory:

Children use their map skills to draw a sketch map of their local area or an area where they live from memory. This activity extends map skills and allows children freedom to create. 

  • Making a Compass:

Children make a model compass with a moveable compass needle to practise compass directions. Make sure to hand out split pins to children beforehand so they can make the compass.


By the end of the unit children will have had the opportunity to:


  • Recognise familiar places in their local area. 
  • Use maps to gather information about the local area.
  • Locate places/landmarks on a map.
  • Use simple compass directions (NESW).
  • Use aerial photographs to recognise basic human and physical features.
  • Recognise basic map symbols.
  • Use simple fieldwork skills to study the geography of the local area.
  • Make simple observations.
  • Plot a simple route on a map.
  • Recognise housing types.
  • Explore geographical issues through discussion.
  • Use basic subject specific vocabulary.
  • Ask simple geographical questions.
  • Express own views and opinions about the environment and suggest simple improvemen

This is Birch class doing our observational drawings of the Malvern Hills