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Learning Journey

"This afternoon we have been making Iron Man with chalk and charcoal," - Scott.


"We have been using techniques to shade and sketch." Tyler


"It's fun!" Tao

Topic 2 - Frozen Planet!

Learning Intention: To construct a model igloo

This afternoon Beech class children tried their hands at being architects from the tundra and constructed their own model igloos. We used papier-mâché to create a stable base for the igloo upon a paper plate. Next, we used PVA glue to carefully build the ‘snow’ bricks using marshmallows – the best technique was to build in rows for a uniform look that left little gaps. Finally, the children used cotton wool to create a snowy texture for the igloo to stand on which created a realistic look of the Inuit home stood in the arctic tundra.

  • Select and use a wider range of tools and equipment to perform practical tasks.
  • Use a wider range of materials according to their functional properties and aesthetic qualities.
  • Understand how to strengthen and reinforce more complex structures
To start off our new topic, Beech Class are helping support some of the coldest places on earth by adopting a polar bear!

Ancient Egypt Topic


We are currently learning about the wonders of Ancient Egypt this term. We have been travelling back in time and analysing key figures pivotal to the rise of such a fantastic empire. This topic weaves into our history, geography, art, D.T. and music learning for the Autumn term.

How much do you know about Ancient Egypt? 


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Egyptian Jewellery


In class we have been learning about Egyptian jewellery. We have designed, made and evaluated our own necklaces.