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Last Week Beginning 13th July

Week Beginning 13th July

Birch Class,

Welcome to the last week of school for this academic year. It has been a most unusual and difficult way to end the year and we would all much rather say our farewells in person. Unfortunately, we have to do this virtually. Thank you to all of you for having a go at the online tasks and giving it your best shot. We have been pleased that so many of you have been resilient and determined in this trying time.

I would like to wish you all the very best for next year as you move through your journey of learning. It has been a pleasure for me to teach you and I am sorry that I cannot say goodbye in person.

Goodbye and good luck.

Ms Beazley


Here is your last week of learning...Can you complete it by Friday 17th July?


We have set you reading challenges for this week based on the story Watch Out! River Running Wild.

There is a quiz and missing word challenge for each chapter, as well as the ones below.

Chapter 1 - Paint - draw a picture of yourself looking through the window.

Chapter 2 - Quad bike - Can you give the Quad Bike a makeover?

Chapter 3 - Suitcase - When you go on a sleep over to a friends house what do you bring. Can you draw all the things you have in your suitcase.

Chapter 4 - Yes or No- Answer yes or no to these questions about the chapter.

Chapter 5 - Quiz - can you write the answers these questions about the story?



We have set a mixture of fun maths challenges this week.

  • Sequence snake- Work out the sequences to grow the snake.
  • Missing number -Look at the calculation and work out which number is needed to complete it. 
  • Odd and Even race - Can you be the first across the line?
  • 2D Shape quiz - Can you complete this quiz all about 2D shape?
  • Missing Number 100- Read the question and select the correct number. 



Here are your Topic challenges for this week.

  • Jumping Monkey - Help the monkey jump to the banana.
  • Farmyard - The animals have escaped, can you help the farmer round them up?
  • Farm Animal- Choose your favourite farm animal and write about it.
  • Farm Postcard - Write a postcard to your family back home, explaining what it is like. What jobs are you doing and what are you enjoying the most?
  • Farm Scene - Make your own farm scene.