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Calm Me At Home

Jigsaw Families has released this mindfulness audio for you to play at home. Mindfulness helps to relax the mind and reduce anxiety allowing you to heal. The children practice this as part of their Jigsaw lessons in school. This audio guides you through so all you need to do is find a quiet safe space, sit and listen and let Jigsaw Families do the rest.

Jigsaw Big Sing!

The Jigsaw Team have released a lovely song 'Together as One' that has been contributed to bu children all around the country. Watch the video and access some PSHE activities to help at this worrying time. 


One of the activities is to choose a word from the song and make some artwork around it like the ones here. I'd love for you to share these on our website so either take a photo of you and your artwork and email it to school or post your art work to school where we can photograph it for you. 


There are some word doodle pages here too for you to print if you're not sure what words to pick! 

JIGSAW PSHE 'Stuck at Home'


The Jigsaw scheme of work we use at school has shared some free resources for families to use at home in this turbulent time. They are part of a specific Families programme. They are sharing two stories with suggested discussions and activities for you to share as a family. Both have a 'Calm Me' activity for you and your family to practise mindfullness; a quiet time to go to your safe space to calm. These are not aimed at particular ages ranges so please feel free to use them whatever age your child.