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This term, we will focus on developing our dreams and goals!


In Year 4, there are 6 key components which complete this puzzle piece:

  • Hopes and Dreams: I can tell you about some of my hopes and dreams.
  • Broken Dreams: I understand that sometimes hopes and dreams do not come true and that this can hurt.
  • Overcoming Disappointment: I know that reflecting on positive and happy experiences can help me to counteract disappointment.
  • Creating New Dreams: I know how to make a new plan and set new goals, even if I have been disappointed.
  • Achieving Goals: I know how to work out the steps to take to achieve a goal, and can do this successfully as part of a group.
  • We Did It! I can identify the contributions made by myself and others to the group's achievement.


In Year 5, there are also 6 components:

  • When I Grow Up: I can understand that I will need money to help me achieve some of my dreams.
  • Investigate Jobs and Careers: I know about a range of jobs carried out by people and I know and have explored how much people earn in different jobs.
  • My Dream Job: I can identify a job I would like to do when I group up and understand what motivates me and what I need to do to achieve it.
  • Dreams and Goals in Other Cultures: I can describe the dreams and goals of young people in a culture different to mine.
  • How We Can Support Each Other: I understand that communicating with someone in a different cultures means we can learn from each other and I can identify a range of ways that we could support each other.
  • Rallying Support: I can encourage my peers to support young people here and abroad to meet their aspirations, and suggest ways we might do this.