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This term, we will focus on the puzzle piece 'Being Me in My World'. Throughout the year, the children will explore 6 different puzzle pieces to complete their Jigsaw journey.

Year 4:

The children in Year 4 will cover the following areas:

  • I know my attitudes and actions make a difference to the class team.
  • I understand who is in my school community, the roles they place and how I fit.
  • I understand how democracy works.
  • I understand that my actions affect myself and others; I care about other people's feelings and try to empathise with them.
  • I understand how groups come together to make decisions.
  • I understand how democracy and having a voice benefits the school community.

Year 5:

The children in Year 5 will cover the following areas:

  • I can face new challenges positively and know how to set personal goals.
  • I understand my rights and responsibilities as a British citizen and as a member of the school.
  • I can make choices about my own behaviour because I understand how rewards and consequences feel.
  • I understand how an individual's behaviour can impact a group.
  • I understand how democracy and having a voice benefits the school community and know how to participate in this.

This term, we will also have a big drive on anti-bullying. Each class will select two anti-bullying ambassadors, who will have training to help recognise bullying and learn how to support someone who is being bullied.


Please use the link to find out more: Anti-Bullying