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This term, our focus is 'Celebrating Difference'.


Year 4:

The Year 4 children will be covering the following areas:

  • I understand that, sometimes, we make assumptions based on what people look like.
  • I understand what influences me to make assumptions based on how people look.
  • I know that sometimes bullying is hard to spot and I know what to do if I think it is going on but I’m not sure.
  • I can tell you why witnesses sometimes join in with bullying and sometimes don’t tell.
  • I can identify what is special about me and value the ways in which I am unique.
  • I can tell you a time when my first impression of someone changed when I got to know them.


Year 5:

The Year 5 children will be covering the following areas:

  • I understand that cultural differences sometimes cause conflict.
  • I understand what racism is.
  • I understand how rumour-spreading and name-calling can be bullying behaviours.
  • I can explain the difference between direct and indirect types of bullying.
  • I can compare my life with people in the developing world.
  • I can enjoy the experience of a culture other than my own.


Celebrating Difference

As part of our 'Celebrating Difference' topic, the children have been working closely with the ladies from the Active Peace Church. This week, they have learnt all about abilities and disabilities. I was thoroughly impressed with the attitude and reflection that the children took within this session.