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Helping at home

‘What parents do is more important than who parents are.’ (Sylva et al., 2004)

Helping your child to learn at home is important and we love to support you at nursery. One of the best ways to support nursery aged children is to regularly talk to them, listen to them and play with them. 

Here are some activity ideas below:

  • Share stories and books. Children love listening to stories and being read to on a regular basis will help them to develop the skills needed to begin reading. Hearing the structure of stories, the rhymes and rhythms within books will help them as they begin to read and re-tell stories. Take your child to visit the library or borrow a book from Nursery. 
  • Play rhyming games. Helping children to understand and enjoy rhymes will in turn make them ready to read. Read and re-read rhyming stories and pause, allowing your child to fill in the gaps of the rhyming words once they know the story well. Make a rhyming string- think of words that rhyme with their name or any simple word and take turns to say a rhyming word e.g. "dog, hog, log, mog, cog, bog". These words do not have to be real words. Have fun, be silly and let your child make up their own rhyming words. 
  • Sing nursery rhymes. Nursery rhymes help to develop children's language and communication skills from birth. Sing nursery rhymes at any point in the day- on the way to nursery, at the bus stop, while they are playing, before bedtime. Again, miss a word and pause, allow children to fill in the gaps. 
  • Clap the syllables. Recognising the syllables in words in an important pre-reading skill and is a very easy activity to do with children. Clap and say the syllables in their names, in new words, in anything! (For example, 'Em-i-ly', 'ti-ger', 'fish', 'push-chair')


If you need any help or advice, please speak to a member of staff. We love to hear about achievements at home too- these can also be uploaded onto Tapestry.