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This half term, we are focusing a study of an aspect or theme in British history that extends pupils’ chronological knowledge beyond 1066, with a particular focus on how crime and punishment has evolved over time.


Throughout our study, we will:

  • Place major historical periods on a timeline – Romans to today.
  • Create a glossary of terms associated with crime and punishment throughout the ages (e.g. judge/jury etc)
  • Identify common Roman crimes and how they were punished.
  • Understand the influences the Romans had on the justice system today.
  • Know how the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings dealt with criminals.
  • Complete a study of Robin Hood.
  • Know how the laws changed with the Norman invasion.
  • Look at the link between crime and religion during Tudor times.
  • Identify reasons for the rise of the Highwayman, poachers and smugglers.
  • Learn about the bloody code.
  • Investigate the link between crime and punishment in the 19th century and the transportation of criminals to Australia.
  • Identify how laws have changed over the last century.
  • Compare crimes today with crimes in the past