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French - Bonjour!


This term we have looked at two parts of the French language.

First of all we had an introduction to France. The purpose to know where the language originates from and develop some background information for later in the years learning.

The second part of this term is introductions and how to introduce yourself in French.

 à bientôtsee you soon
 à demainsee you tomorrow
 au revoirgoodbye
 bonjourhello, good morning
 bonne nuitgood night
 bonsoirgood evening
 et toi ?And you?
 oui, ça vayes, ok
 pas malnot bad
 très bienvery good


To say 'thank you' in French, you say  merci.

To say 'please' in French, there are two different phrases to use. If you’re saying 'please' to a friend or family member, you use the informal  s'il te plaît.

If you want to say 'please' to more than one person or to one person in a formal situation, such as when speaking to a shop assistant, you say  s’il vous plaît.