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Spring 2

This term, we have started our unit of work by revisiting types of sentences, conjunctions, fronted adverbials and punctuation to consolidate our previous learning and to ensure our learning has been been embedded over the year. As we move through the term, we will be using these skills to create a number of pieces of writing including a narrative, recount and a persuasive argument.


We have also started to explore different word types - in this activity, we looked at words that could be both verbs and nouns. We read the sentences carefully to identify the word and their meaning in the sentence context.


Spring 1

As a school, we have looked at using a picture stimulus called 'The Keeper of the Keys' to generate ideas and writing opportunities. In Year 5/6, we looked at writing from the perspective of a character.


To start, we had a delivery addressed to the keeper of the keys. It was full of little keys. We had no idea who the keeper of the keys was; we thought it could be Hagrid! The children did a lot of investigating and discovered the keeper was a little boy, around the same age as them. The children were very creative and wrote from the perspective of the keeper, the keys and even the tree branches.

Frozen Planet

As part of our frozen planet topic, we have also combined our learning journey lessons with our English lessons. We have looked at writing a non-chronological report about Antarctica where we used our organisation skills to present to an audience; an advert to present the dangers of climate change; a descriptive setting of the Northern Lights and a balanced argument about whether tourism should be allowed in Antarctica.


Autumn 2

We now have concluded our learning based on the story of Kensuke's Kingdom. The children have written a book review, that we have then spent time editing and improving to ensure it is the best work that we could create. The children are looking forward to presenting these so that they can go on display in the library.

Autumn 1


In English, we will be developing our writing skills using the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' as a tool. We will be using book to provide inspiration for our vocabulary choices, to provide cohesion in our sentences and paragraphs and developing our understanding of verbs, adverbs and punctuation. The aim of our writing is to develop a new chapter for Kensuke's Kingdom, using the previous text as a guideline.


Wonderful Work

The children have been working really hard to develop their vocabulary. We have looked at different setting descriptions, analysed effective vocabulary and uplevelled previous work. We then applied our new vocabulary to create a descriptive piece of writing.