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Week 1:

Focus: Books around the World

During our first week back at school, we focused on creating a non-fiction double page spread to present information about our chosen countries. We spent a lesson focusing on our research skills to gather information before reviewing and revisiting previously acquired knowledge and skills to present our information.

Week 2:

Focus: British Science Week

We had two writing focuses this week. We consolidated our non-fiction writing skills by creating a double page biography based on a famous scientist. The children researched famous scientists such Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Nikola Tesla, Sir Stephen Hawking and Thomas Edison before presenting their information in an organised manner using organisational features such as headings, subheadings, bullet points and paragraphs.


In our science lessons, the children worked to plan a science experiment based on their heart rate. We worked through creating an introduction, aims and intentions, a hypothesis, a method, results, explanation and conclusion. These are now proudly displayed in our corridor.

Week 3:

Focus: Well-Dressing Festival

This week, our focus turned to poetry. We explored the composition of a poem called 'Civil War on the Moon' writing by Ted Hughes. We made a link with the author as we have previously read one of his stories: The Iron Man. We looked at the skills used by Hughes and identified rhyming, similes, personification, expanded noun phrases, parenthesis and use of repetition. Our aim by the end of this unit is to complete our own version of the poem, however, we have innovated to create our poem based on the planet Neptune. We created our own characters, developed vocabulary and worked on our structure to present ideas.

Week 4:

Focus: Spring Festivals

We continued to focus on developing our poetry skills this week and wrote our own versions of the poem: Civil War on Neptune. The children worked hard to organise their ideas and imitate the style of Ted Hughes. We also explored and presented information based on Holi in our R.E. lessons.