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Text Adventures:

Within this unit, the children will work to create their own text-based adventures, building on the coding concepts learning in our first coding unit.


Lesson Structure:

Lesson 1: To find out what a text adventure is and to plan a story adventure.

• Pupils can describe what a text adventure is.

• Pupils can map out a story-based text adventure.

• Pupils can use 2Connect to record their ideas.

• Extension: Pupils can turn a simple story with 2 or 3 levels of decision making into a logical design.

Lesson 2: To make a story-based adventure.

• Pupils can use the full functionality of 2Create a Story Adventure mode to create, test and debug using their plan.

• Pupils can split their adventure-game design into appropriate sections to facilitate creating it.

Lesson 3: To introduce map-based text adventures.

Pupils can map out an existing text adventure.

• Pupils can contrast a map-based game with a sequential story-based game.

• Extension: Pupils can make a comprehensive design map with a sequence of rooms including rooms in which the player needs to make a choice and collect items in a certain order to complete the game.

Lesson 4: To code a map-based text adventure.

• Pupils can create their own text-based adventure based upon a map.

• Pupils can use coding concepts of functions, twoway selection (if/else statements) and repetition in conjunction with one another to code their game.

• Pupils make logical attempts to debug their code when it does not work correctly.