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In Computing, we will have 6 lessons which will result in the children creating their own text-based adventure.


Lesson 1 & 2: Design and Write a More Complex Program.

  • To review good planning skills.
  • To design programs using their choice of objects, attributing specific actions to each using their new programming knowledge.
  • To use variables within a game to keep track of the properties of objects.

Lesson 3: Introducing Functions.

  • To use functions and understand why they are useful in 2Code.
  • To debug a program and organise the code into tabs.
  • To organise code into functions and Call functions to eliminate surplus code in the program.

Lesson 4: Using user input.

  • To explore the options for getting text input from the user in 2Code.
  • How to include interactivity in programming.

Lesson 5: Flowcharts and Control Simulations.

  • To use flowcharts to test and debug a program.
  • To create a simulation of a room in which devices can be controlled.

Lesson 6: Using 2Code to make a text-based adventure.

  • To explore how 2Code can be used to make a text-based adventure game.