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Home Learning


We understand that this could be a very worrying and stressful time for you and your families. At Grove, the staff would like to support you and your children as best we can in keeping your children busy and learning. 


Children need to make sure that they all have their purple mash log ins.



Home Learning 


Well done to all the children in Beech that are continuing to work so hard with their work at home. It is wonderful to see the effort that is being put into their activities and such impressive resilience too at a difficult time for everyone. 


Don't forget that in addition to the Purple Mash activities that are available for all children to complete on a daily basis there are also some wonderful lessons which can be accessed on BBC bitesize using the following link.


If you have any issues at all, please do not hesitate to make contact via the class blog on Purple Mash where my school email address is also available as well as Miss Drew's. I love hearing about what everyone has been doing and I am very much missing seeing lovely Beech class. Keep going as it's almost the end of the Summer term. Continue to stay safe and look after yourselves. 

Mrs Lee

Home learning w/c June 1st


Hello everyone!


We hope that you have had a sunny, happy and safe half term. 


New daily tasks will continue to be set on purple mash with new maths, english and reading activities changing every day to give you all something fresh to support home learning. There are also science, art, computing and jigsaw activities to compliment topic learning. Have a go and we look forward to seeing all your hard work.


Also, don't forget that BBC bitesize are continuing their home learning provision with plenty of daily activities and lessons to get stuck into.


I am so proud of the hard work you are all putting in at home. Remember to keep checking the class blog.


Take care


Miss Drew and Mrs Lee

W/C Monday 11th May 2020


Hello Beech class.


It has been wonderful to see so many of you engaging with your home learning over the last week. I have seen some wonderful pieces of work and examples of perseverance, well done all. Home learning tasks this week will continue to be set on purple mash. There are daily Reading, Maths and English activities as well as topic-based activities. I cannot wait to hear from you this week with what you have been up to.


Furthermore, BBC Bitesize is continuing to provide fantastic home learning lessons with a variety of subjects covered.


BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:


Here is the lesson schedule for this week:



Also, please don't forget!


The class blog is being updated regularly on Purple Mash where you can share, catch up or ask any questions that you may have. My email address is still on here incase you have any questions for me!


Take care and stay safe. 


It has been great to receive some fantastic VE day related art work from members of Beech class over the weekend. I have shared various lovely examples in the school's VE Day gallery on Purple Mash and also a few on Beech's history page.


Over the course of the weekend I enjoyed cooking various war time recipes including corned beef hash and apple fritters for my family, which they seemed to enjoy. We also decorated bunting  to display and my daughter enjoyed designing her own t-shirt to wear. Our neighbours played various music from the 40's and there was a lovely atmosphere on the street as people enjoyed picnicking on their drives and chatting from a safe distance. I hope that you were able to celebrate the occasion over the bank holiday weekend at home. If you have any photos that you wish to share we would love to see them.

Stay safe everyone.

Mrs Lee

W/C May 4th 2020


Hello Beech class!

Please find the home-learning tasks set through purple mash this week. These include daily maths, English and reading challenges as well as science, history and PSHE. Please encourage your child to complete these tasks daily as it is lovely to see how they are getting on. If they are finding anything too challenging or too easy then please mention this is in the comments on the work so that this can be adjusted. Each day the children have a chapter of a book to complete as well as a comprehension activity – these stories are great to be shared at home.


It has been wonderful to see the work that children have produced and to see what new activities they have been up to at home. I look forward to seeing how they get on this week with the new activities. I have put my email in a blog on purple mash if you need to contact me with any queries about home learning. Any pictures of home learning to put on this page would be appreciated too!

Stay safe and well.


Miss Drew

Additional lessons are available online via bbc bitesize:


Looking ahead to next week, Friday 8th May, will be a bank holiday to commemorate VE Day and will mark the passing of 75 years since the Second World War ended on May 8th, 1945 in Europe. Britain had fought for six long years and suffered tremendously and this was a day much anticipated and celebrated. I expect many of you will be marking the occasion at home in different ways. We would love to hear what Beech class members and their families do to remember this historical day so please share any photos or send us a message of how you spent your day. We now have a class blog on Purple Mash for children to contact us and you will find our email addresses on the blog entries should you have any questions regarding the school learning activities.


There are many free resources available online which provide excellent information relating to VE day and can be downloaded should your child wish to be creative and would like to participate in such activities as colouring posters to display in your windows, creating bunting and researching war time recipes to make at home. Here are just a few:



With members of the public unable to attend VE Day 75 events, The Royal British Legion is playing a central role in the delivery of a range of remote activity, including:

  • live VE Day 75 livestream at 11.15 a.m.
  • National moments of Remembrance and thanksgiving, including a Two Minute Silence at 11 a.m.
  • UK-wide singalong to Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again at 9 p.m.
  • VE Day learning pack for children aged 7-14 years
  • An evening of memories and music in partnership with the BBC from 8 p.m. on BBC One


Two Minute Silence

At 11 a.m. The Royal British Legion are encouraging people across all generations and communities to take part in a national moment of Remembrance and pause for a Two Minute Silence to honour the service and sacrifice of the Second World War generation and reflect on the devastating impact Covid-19 has had on so many lives across the world.

There is no right or wrong way to take part in the Silence, some may wish to stand at their windows, step outside their homes while remaining distanced from others, watch the broadcast on television, or simply sit in a quiet moment of reflection.

Good work Beech class - Keep going!

Well done to the members of Beech class that have been so busy this week completing lots of different activities on Purple Mash. It has been lovely to hear from you and to see what you can do. Various pieces of work have been shared on the school gallery page and I am sure there will be more joining them. Keep up the great work.

Stay safe.

Mrs Lee 

Week commencing Monday 27th April

Home-learning tasks sent out through purplemash this week include daily English and Maths activities. Please encourage your child to hand in their work regularly as it is great to see how they are getting on. If they are finding it too challenging or alternatively easy they can mention this in their comments when handing the work in and the level of work can be adjusted. Each day children will have a chapter of a new book to read and then a quiz to complete to check their comprehension as well as related activities. 


It has been fabulous to see the work that children have produced. I look forward to seeing how they get on this week with the new activities. Stay safe and well. Mrs Lee 

Additional lessons available online:
BBC Bitesize overview of lessons:

Week Commencing 20th April 2020:

From Monday 20th April, BBC Bitesize will be providing access to regular daily lessons in English and Maths, as well as other core subjects, in an expanded version of our website and also on special programmes broadcast on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.

Use the following link to access this resource:

W.C. 20th April 2020:

Monday: English - Understanding similes and metaphors

               Maths - Negative numbers on a number line

               History - Who were the Ancient Egyptians?

Tuesday: English - Understanding and using alliteration

                Maths - Add and subtract numbers with more than 4 digits

                Geography - Introduction to settlements

Wednesday: English - Writing a newspaper report

                     Maths - Multistep problems

                     Science - The Solar System

Thursday: English - Expanded noun phrases

                 Maths - Multiples and factors

                 Music - Singing with feeling

Friday: English - Reading lesson: To Be a Cat by Matt Haig

            Maths - Challenge of the week

            PSHE - The importance of using teamwork


In addition to this, Jane Considine with be presenting daily English lessons at 9:30am on her YouTube channel.

Use the following link to access this resource:


Also, the Oak National Academy will be providing 3 lessons per day. To access this resource, please use the following link:

Monday: History - In 1066, who was the rightful heir to the throne?

               Maths - An Introduction to Translation

               English - Setting Description: Reading Comprehension - Fact Retrieval

Tuesday: Spanish - Numbers and the Alphabet

                Maths - Describing Translations

                English - Setting Description: Reading Comprehension - Fact Retrieval

Wednesday: Science - How is igneous rock formed?

                     English - Setting Description: Identifying the features of a text

                     Maths - Describing positions and co-ordinates

Thursday: History - Who was responsible for the death of Thomas Becket?

                 English - Setting Description: SPaG focus - Parenthesis

                 Maths - Describe position after translation

Friday: D&T - Texture Treasure Hunt

            Maths - Descrive position after translation

            English - Setting Description: Composition

Here are a few websites to help you:


Please see: 




Mystery Science